hi i'm shiloh i heard about this neocities thing from tumblr and now here i am i guess

i'm 21 i work a boring desk job and im procrastinating on my masters. also i love my girlfriend extremely so much she's amazing girlfriend if ur reading this i love u. my interests include such bullshit as the eurovision song contest, friends at the table, kpop girl groups, ya books, and being transgender (my pronouns are he/him). on this website you can expect such things as eurovision recaps and reviews from contests as early as 2002, ramblings about academic papers i will never write because i would rather die than become a professor, and fanfiction.

i am leaving some of the neocities code instructions in here because i am an absolute baby at computers and websites and might need the help later on xoxo

here you can find my tumblr and my a03! come say hi to me. these days i mostly write friends at the table aus that are interesting to no one but me, but other fandoms do crop up sometimes. my tumblr is a mess of cute animals, positivity/queer stuff, and fandomposting. and kpop mv gifs.

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my favorite animals are ferrets and weasels! i also love cats, though. here is a picture of a weasel for you:

a weasel with its mouth open as though screaming or yawning

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